Monday is normally not my favorite day of the week, but today is even worse considering i am still recovering from wisdom teeth surgery. This blog is dedicated to all of the places i would rather be than on my couch in pain.

Smiling, whether fake or real, can relieve stress and release endorphins ( in turn killing pain). One thing that can make you smile is to think about your dream spot. This is the one places that nothing can bother you, with no pain, no stress, no anything but relaxation and joy. Here are a few of the places i have found.

perfect for a romantic dinner! *hint hint Jesse*

Perfect for a romantic getaway!

I now challenge you to find your favorite spot and spend some time imagining you are there destressing. I promise you will be smiling by the end.

happy dreaming~ Kelley


Hi my name is Kelley and i wanted to start a blog that help to show peace and hippiness in everyday life.

Thanks to Ashleigh Mallard i was allowed to bring out my inner Hippie yesterday in the amazing photoshot below. Hope you all enjoy my new blog!

Peace and Love


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